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About Blue Stripe K9

We hope you enjoy this video of what we have done and can do for you! We strive to help all the families we can with training dogs properly. Showing you guys how to get results and keep them to help clear the communication barrier between you and your dog is our main focus! Again we hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing from you!  (Turn up volume)

About Us

Our beliefs

We believe that with training we can better your relationship between you and your dog! Imagine having a much happier, well behaved, and loving dog that listens and understands what is right and what is not! 

Why us

We want you to have that fantastic relationship, so life is not stressful and the dog is not a handful!

A lot of dogs are left at shelters due to them not being well behaved or having problems that can be fixed through training but either the owner can't afford it or believes there is no hope for the dog! We do not want that to be the case! We know training is one of the best ways to keep dogs out of the shelter and for you to live a happy and healthy life with the furry friend we all need! 

Your future reality

Imagine your dog listening and behaving! 

Imagine them knowing what is right and wrong! 

Imagine having help through this process with multiple options to fit your need. 

Now give us a call so we can help you! 

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Personalized Training & Care


We love caring and connecting with animals and creating everlasting relationships through training. We provide professional training and care for your dog as if they were our own. All dogs are different and need to have their training package modified to accommodate the dog and their owner to help get the best out of any training package you buy! 

Reliable and Trustworthy Caretakers


When you live a busy life, it is hard to consistently provide the attention and care that your pets can demand. With satisfied owners all over Clarksville, TN, you can rely on us to care for your pets when you're away.  

Satisfaction for every customer!


It is our personal mission to make sure you are satisfied with any service that you choose to buy! With years of experience in working around and with dogs, our goal is to make you feel relaxed and that your dog is in great hands while giving them love and attention your pup deserves! 

Training Services

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